Getting Ready for My First Dog!!!

Guys, I have some really super, awesome, incredible, amazing news…

I am getting a dog! This is an even bigger deal because this is my first pet other than a fish. I have allergies, so I am on meds and my little doggy is hypoallergenic. He is a Teddy Bear puppy which is a mix of Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise (or possibly a Maltese) and he is so amazingly adorable. He turned eight weeks old on Wednesday and on Saturday we are going to go pick him up!

Who let the dogs out?

I am excited of course, but I am also a little wary. This is a puppy so it is going to be a lot of work. The good news is that my husband is going to help me with him, but still, I am the one who is home all day and I will be doing the most caring for the puppy. I am nervous because I literally do not know anything about caring for animals. This is all brand new. I have been reading over the instructions from the breeder intensely to make sure I understand everything that my puppy needs, I have been reading every stupid article and pin on Pinterest I can find about how to train him, how to teach him his name, how to feed him, how to travel with him, how to bathe him, and every other question I have, but still I am scared.

Kid President just gets me ❤

I’m so scared that it will be too much work for me and all of it will fall on my husband. I’m scared my puppy will love my other family members more than me. I’m scared that the puppy will know that I am a loser and that he will have more fun with other people. TL:DR I am scared.

But I am also hoping this little guy can be a bit of therapy for me and my depression. I cannot wait to actually hold him and cuddle with him and play with him! I want to sit with him on the couch and go through the whole list of Gilmore Girls movie references together (in like a million sittings of course). I want to go out with him and walk around my neighborhood and complete my walking workouts. I want to play with him while doing yoga.

I hope me and my puppy are this cute!!!

Honestly, at this moment, I just want to meet him. He’s in Ohio and I’m in Indiana. All I have is this one picture and I am so impatient to be with him. My husband and I are going on a road trip on Saturday to go pick him up and I am worried that the ride back is going to be too rough for the puppy. I’ve been reading up on how to help with car sickness and how to make the ride as easy as possible for him.

I just want my little puppy to know that he is loved by me and I want him to have a great life with me. I already love him so much and we haven’t even met! It might sound weird, but I am excited because I can talk to him and tell him all my secrets, and I know I’ll never hurt his feelings or worry that he’ll tell someone else. My children will all grow up and leave me and have their own lives, but my puppy won’t.

But our ending won’t be as sad…

So here I am, preparing and waiting. Like getting ready to have a baby without the dread of knowing I’m going to have to give birth. It’s actually really freeing. Today might be National Pet Day but I will be celebrating on Saturday!!!

Pictures coming soon!

Do you have a pet that helps you out with your depression? Share pics please! I would love to see your pets!!!

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