Breakfast To-Go Tips From a Freezer Aisle Professional

I fucking hate cooking. I wish I was one of those people like Martha Stewart or The Pioneer Woman, but lets face facts: I am not. I hate that it takes so long to cook food. I want it to be ready now. And I hate that cooking requires so much clean up. Guys, I do not clean up well at all.

Hence, my affinity for freezer aisle foods. Honestly, its not just freezer aisle foods, but any kind of food that comes pre-packaged and ready to go. I thought I would share some of my fav ideas for breakfast and some tips I have learned about preparing them and hopefully, I will get some new ideas from you!

I take my freezer aisle foods very seriously…

Breakfast Idea #1: I recommend the little packages of sausage biscuits that you microwave. They come in individual packages of two but are sold in large bags with many packs of two inside. Tip: microwave them wrapped up in a paper towel. Napkins are too thin and let out all the moisture, which means the sandwiches will harden like a rock in two seconds. Aluminum foil will keep the sausage biscuits from cooking and you will be stuck with frozen sandwiches. Yuck. The only downside to this breakfast is that you have to eat them sort of quickly because even if you do use paper towels, the sandwiches will still get hard (because you are microwaving bread) and you can’t even bite into them after that.

Actual footage of me trying to make pancakes.

Breakfast Idea #2: Slim-Fast Shakes. Before you scroll down, I am not being paid by Slim-Fast to promote this. I just like the shakes because they taste alright and you can literally grab one out of the fridge and just go. There are a lot of mornings where I don’t want to eat anything at all, but I know it will be a long time before I will have a chance to eat again. Drinking a shake is a way to kind of trick my mind and body to letting me get some nourishment without feeling sick. Then I am at least able to last until the next snack/meal. Tip: If you have an extra minute, put the shake in a blender with some ice and you get an ice cold summer smoothie.

When I try to cook bacon…

Breakfast Idea #3: Frozen waffles/French toast sticks. Waffles can be made in the toaster which is easier but the french toast sticks take only 3 or 4 minutes in the oven, but you have to dirty a baking sheet and wait for the oven to heat up, so its up to you. Personally, I think french toast sticks are worth the effort. Tip: Cover the baking sheet in aluminum foil or wax paper. Then when you are done, throw away the foil or paper and rinse off the baking sheet. Boom. Done. Another tip: If you’re like me, you can just eat these plain, but if you want syrup, put some in a little container and tear up your waffle and just dip it in. I like to save the extra syrups I get from fast food restaurants and just use those.

Idk why but I love watching cooking shows even though I hate cooking, especially Rachael Ray.

Breakfast Idea #4: Frozen sausage patties on English Muffins. If you want a little more, you can always add cheese and I like to microwave an egg in my one minute egg microwave cooker. Toast your muffins, and you can microwave the sausage too. Tip: When you microwave your sausage, use a napkin. Unfold it once so that you can lay the patty on the napkin and cover the patty with the other half, essentially folding the napkin back up with the sausage in the middle. The napkin will soak up a ton of the grease. Another tip: use an oil spray to really spray down the inside of your microwave egg cooker, even to the point of leaving a puddle of oil inside. Then when you remove your egg after cooking, it will slide right out and will be more likely to stay intact.

Preach girl, preach!

Okay so listen up, I eat these kinds of things all the time, not because I’m too busy to make a decent meal, but because I don’t have the energy or see the point in putting forth all that effort just to have to clean everything up again. So I usually eat things that make little mess. And if I’ve got the money, I just go out for breakfast.

But I need new ideas! What is your fav easy-to-make breakfast? Hit me up in the comments and I’ll give it a try!

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